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making darling moments

making darling moments

Monday, April 12, 2021

Tips for Reading with Kids

Do you read daily with your little ones? We all know there are so many benefits to creating a reader. Some of our favorite darling moments in our own homes come from reading with our kids too! 

Here are a few simple tips we’ve found helpful to keeping reading times fun and interesting, and engaging.

📚 Let them choose the book so they'll be excited about it!

📙 Face books out on shelves if you can so the cover is visible, not just the spine of the book. 

Book ledges are perfect for this.

📘 Swap out the books on your book ledges, or those in closest reach for your kids.

You can use books you already have or borrow from the library.

📖 Last, find a few books with flaps that are interactive.

Your little one will love finding what is under those flaps! 

Pictured books:

I Love The Mountains

If You Were Spaghetti 

More Lucy Darling books!



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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Haily's Homeschool: Spring Salt Painting Free Printable

For Haily’s Homeschool this month, we wanted to create a fun and free printable that your little ones would love to use. She had the idea of salt painting and it was so much fun! Our little one asked us to do it several times after we tried it. 



Here are the simple steps! 
Print Haily’s printable on card stock paper (download here)
Trace over the lines with school glue. 
Cover the paper in table salt and lightly shake off the excess. 
Dab the salted lines with watercolor paint!




We hope this will be a fun activity for Spring that you’ll do again and again. 







Please note: free printable artwork is copyrighted by Lucy Darling LLC 2021. Please do not copy, resell, or use for any purpose other than what it is intended for.


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Thursday, March 11, 2021

4 Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings Time will be here soon! We've rounded up a few tips to help you and your little ones with sleep through the time change (*fingers crossed*). Here are 4 simple ways we make the time change a little easier on all of us…

1.Gradually push back their sleep time by 15 minutes each night.

Most of us will be adjusting our clocks an hour ahead of time, which means if your little one wakes up at 7 a.m, that will feel like 6 a.m. after daylight savings. Each night, plan bedtime for 15 minutes later!

2. Make the space dark and cool.

If you haven’t gotten black out curtains, this will be a great investment. There are so many affordable options now and we love this for both the smallest and biggest members of our family.

3.Don’t forget the white noise! 

This is likely not new to many of you, but it’s something we really cannot live without.

 4. Use a Blanket Lovey as a sleep cue.

Even if your baby is not yet ready for a lovey in their crib, you can let them snuggle while you go through your bedtime routine as a sleep cue. A story time book, soft lovey, and snuggles with their grownups are all they need to let them know it’s time to sleep. 

Pictured:Blanket LoveyStory Books

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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Happy National Pizza Day!

Hi Darlings!

Happy National Pizza Day!

This might be one of my absolute favorite posts to make because we love making pizza in our house so much. We have tried it all...we’ve bought pre-made crust, made our own dough, even grilled our pizza, and sometimes we use a whole wheat tortilla to make a fast and easy pizza. I think whole wheat tastes more like a flatbread than a tortilla but any kind you have will work!

Lucy Darling National Pizza Day
If you have the time, making your own pizza dough is pretty simple and just takes about an hour to rise, I prep a few hours before dinner time. My 4 year old loves to see how much the dough rises! This is one of our favorite recipes: Darling National Pizza Day

Because we are so close to Valentine’s Day, we of course had to make some mini heart shaped pizzas. The best part for our little one is spreading the sauce and adding the cheese. My tip is to add a tiny bit of parmesan on top of your mozzarella or pizza mix. We keep it simple with a store bought sauce and pre-shredded cheese too.

I hope you get the chance to have a darling diy pizza night with your family soon!

Lucy Darling National Pizza Day

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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Well it's time again for Valentine's Day, and in our house it's just another chance to craft and celebrate all things hearts and glitter. We love making homemade cards, and this year we are having fun with yarn! (so if glitter makes you break out in a sweat we've got you mama)

I made a printable (you can download it here) that is great for beginning scissor skills and works with yarn or any string you have on hand! You can make this valentine as fancy or simple as you like, but I think no matter which way you do it, seeing your unique rainbow will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Hope you enjoy!

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