DIY Plantable Seed Cards

DIY Plantable Seed Cards

Happy Earth Day! I’m so glad we get to celebrate this wonderful place we live on called the Earth! If there is anything I’ve learned from this last year, it’s that every day I’m on it is a gift!

In the spirit of appreciating our awesome planet, we are talking about Earth in our school time. And to create something together that will both recycle some old garbage, as well as create new plant life, we are making plantable SEED CARDS!!! If you have never made a seed card, it’s the most fun ever! Send a card to a friend and they can plant it! How cool is that? Here is how you do it.

Gather Scrap Paper

Blend your paper with a little bit of water.

Strain excess water and add seeds in to your paper mixture.

Smush it onto parchment paper lined cookie sheet and let it dry. 

Cut out shapes or use cookie cutters before hand and let it dry in the cookie cutter. We traced and cut our shapes out of our paper.

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