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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Birthday Cakes

My youngest just turned 1 (side note: how is that possible??), and after spending a good amount of time getting inspiration for birthday cakes, I ended up doing a donut tower instead! :) She absolutely loved it, and it was much easier for her to hold a donut than navigate a piece of cake, so I think I may have a new tradition for first birthdays in this family. But I wouldn't want all of my Pinterest-ing to go to waste, so here are some of the beauties I found...I'm definitely bookmarking them for future parties!

I love how sweet and simple this one is!

Animal cookies - so easy and fun! 

This looks absolutely amazing...and could be perfect for a 4th of July party, too! 

I love that this one could be customized to match the party's colors or themes!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pot of Gold

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Maybe it's the fact that winter decided to come back for round two in our part of the country, but for this St. Patrick's Day all I want is a little spring green in my house! Luckily, I kept seeing these little shamrock plants when I was at the grocery store:

I also picked up some hydrangeas, and to make them even more festive, I decided to give the pot and vase a little upgrade. I taped off the part of the container that I wanted to keep as it was, and used some gold acrylic paint to gild the rest! It took two coats to make it opaque, and in less than a nap time (isn't that how everyone measures their time?), I had my new "pots of gold." 

 I especially love that, while festive for St. Patrick's Day, there's no reason not to use these year-round! 

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Things That Go

I know it's still February, but in D.C. it's starting to feel more and more like spring! That means that my girls are wanting to get out in the fresh air as much as possible...and me too! As they get older I've been thinking about the best ways to get them from place to place, while helping out their little legs a bit. Some of these ideas are purely for the daydream factor (who knew kids toys could be so beautiful??), but others look like usable, sturdy toys that could be passed down for years! 

I can't find a source for this, but have you seen a cooler car? The little horn detail is too much!

I love the retro style of this wooden scooter.

And this French antique takes vintage to a different level!

Baby Vespa! I can't handle it.


Streamlined perfection.

[I couldn't find sources for all of these, so if you happen to know one, please share so that I can credit them!]



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Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day sneaks up on me every year! So this time, I'm trying to plan something in advance...or at least more than the night before!


These window hearts (made from melted crayons) would be a fun project for littles: 

And I love these little pouches that can hold candy or other small treats on each bedroom door or chair:

I also like to use Valentine's Day as a day to give little tokens of appreciation to some of my friends - it doesn't carry the weight of Christmas or a birthday, so small things are just a fun surprise! 


One of my favorite gifts I've received was a tiny map of my state with a heart embroidered around my hometown. There are lots available on Etsy, but it's also easily done with a printer and some red thread! 

Someone also gave me a Valentine's garland one year, and it's really fun to think about them as I bring it out every February. This literary one would make any bookworm happy!




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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Super Super Bowl Party

Unless you're a fan of one of the two teams in the Super Bowl this year, chances are you're showing up for the food, and the commercials :). I get kind of burned out with parties at this point in the year, but I still love getting together with friends, so here's my super-simple, no-stress recipe for a fun Super Bowl party!


For decor, it doesn't get easier than these balloons:

For games to keep the kids entertained (or for a distraction if your team falls behind), this Oreo version of table shuffleboard looks fun!

And for food, I look for any excuse to make these amazing pretzels from Smitten Kitchen. You could dip them in mustard, use them for sliders, or top them in cinnamon sugar and dip them in chocolate! So delicious:

Go team! 

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