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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Nature Playgrounds

We're lucky to have lots of playgrounds in walking distance, but there's one that my kids would choose over the others 9 times out of 10. It doesn't have the biggest slide, and it's not the newest or fanciest. Instead, it's one with plenty of dirt, big logs and rocks to jump off, a tunnel that looks like a fallen tree, and a slide with fossils etched into it. In short, it's giving my city kids some of the nature they crave! (I spent most of my childhood in tree forts, so I get it. :) While it might not be feasible to dig out a mountain in your backyard, here are some ideas to embrace nature during playtime.






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Thursday, June 27, 2019

DIY Beach Glass Mobile

This project came from a recent treasure hunt at the beach, and I thought it could be the perfect summer decor addition! First, you want to gather beach glass, a piece of driftwood, small hair elastics, and some fishing line.

I laid out my beach glass in the patterns I wanted next:

I tried all sorts of ways to connect the glass: hot glue, tons of knots, etc! But eventually I tried some small hair elastics I had on hand, and it was so much easier! Just loop them over the glass, from top to bottom. The you can tie your fishing line to the elastics, which grip much better! I added a second elastic around the fishing line for extra strength, and it's still not too obvious, since it's transparent.

Then I tied the line at the top to the driftwood, again putting elastics on top to make it more secure. I did this trick on the ends too, making a big loop in the middle to hang it from:

And then I just hung it from a hook in the ceiling! I love how the fishing line makes it look like it's floating by itself, and the beach glass is light enough that a breeze makes it dance and twirl around.  It'd be the perfect addition to a nautical nursery!

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Thursday, June 06, 2019

DIY Tooth Fairy Peg Doll

I don't know how it happened, but my oldest just lost her first tooth, and it caught us both by surprise! When she started asking questions about the tooth fairy, I started scrambling. ;) I didn't want to deal with the extraction logistics of something that went under her pillow, so I thought that a little tooth fairy doll next to her bed could be a good variation. Here's what I made with materials I had on hand!

I started with a basic peg doll, and painted the body blue. This was when I was thinking that I could make a gender-neutral one that could eventually work for my son as well...and before the girls got involved with color requests. :)

I let them pick out a handful of colors of embroidery thread, which I then cut into three sections. I kept them fairly long, since I planned to cut them to a uniform length after attaching them to the doll.

Here's how she looks with her hair! I used a hot glue gun and glued the lengths of thread on diagonally, and overlapped them to try to give it some shape.

Next I raided my ribbon stash, and found some sheer, sparkly ribbon that I cut into these vaguely-petal shapes. I glued these onto the body as a skirt, overlapping them and letting them flare out at the bottom. And I found a glittery white ribbon that worked perfectly as wings - the ribbon that has wire in it to hold its shape works best for this!

The girls are requesting a whole family of fairies now, so I might add some tooth paraphernalia to tell this one apart! It would also be cute to attach it to a tiny box with a lid, so the tooth and surprise could be switched out. It was such a fun and easy project that we might set up a whole dental practice. :)

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter Entertainment

Easter is almost here! I have to say, I like how late it is this year. Spring is in full swing, and the warmer temps definitely make it feel like it's time to celebrate! Here are a few ideas I found to make your Easter celebrations more festive:

Cute signs to add to the yard for your Easter egg hunt

Speaking of the hunt, I love the idea of including a special golden egg!

Bubbles are always a hit, and this simple carrot DIY is perfect for Easter!

Easter twist on a classic hit

This paint chip garland could be done ahead of time for decor, or saved as a project for the kids!


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Saturday, March 16, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Gold

I've got to say, when winter feels like it just keeps stretching on and on, I love that we have (at least) a holiday a month to keep us feeling festive! We definitely use holidays to add some fun to our normal play and craft times too - we can only do so much coloring! Here are some DIYs for St. Patrick's Day to make us all feel a little luckier. 

Super cute wreath with the best little gold details

An easy, free printable for a festive statement wall

Would this be about 200x the normal amount of luck you get from a penny?

Cute felt shamrock - in case you forget to wear some green!

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