Gifts For the Adventurous Dad

Gifts For the Adventurous Dad

This week, we’re celebrating dads! We are so excited to share this gift guide with ideas directly from a real life dad who loves adventure - Kevin! Kevin is the owner of Lucy Darling, along with wife Haily Meyers. Together they have 3 little ones. 

1. Homemade card
1a. Free nap coupon (Dad gets to turn in coupon for an undisturbed nap) 😆
1b. Make dad food
2. Saxx underwear
3. Darn Tough socks
4. Bedrock Cairn sandals
5. Sun shirt
6. Inflatable stand up paddle board
7. Dress socks with the kids pictures on it. Very cute.
8. If Dad likes travel (I do) then get Dad a travel book for a destination family plans to travel to.
*Above are mainly Amazon links for faster delivery! 

Here are just a few of his picks! 

Hiking Shirt / Inflatable Paddle Board / Darn Tough Socks / Bedrock Sandals

Travel Books / All Aboard: National Parks / Face Socks / Mug / 3-2-1 Blast Off!

We love the idea of gifting a few books they can read with their little ones too! Have a great time celebrating dad! 



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