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Do I need a memory book for my baby?

Do I need a memory book for my baby?

In short, if you’d like a physical keepsake to look back on the highlights of your baby’s first year, then YES! Absolutely, get a memory book to remember their special moments. 

A memory book is a great way to get your photos off of your phone or camera and in to print. Your first year with a new baby will likely be full of sleepless nights and lots of challenges. Many years later, you’ll be so glad you have your memories from pregnancy, monthly milestones, baby’s firsts, and holidays together in your baby memory book. You’ll especially love to see your little one filled with pride looking through their book when they're a little older.

When we launched our memory books years ago, they were an instant hit. We quickly realized that many new parents were looking for something cute and easy to keep up with. Most parents didn’t want to fill a book with endless long journal prompts or feel like they had to fill an entire scrapbook.

Here are some simple tips for keeping up with your baby book through the first year:


Keep it in view

If you can see your book, you’ll remember to fill it in! I kept mine on my nightstand and filled it in during naps and small pockets of time. Five minutes here and there made it so easy.

Many customers keep their Lucy Darling books on bookshelves or dressers and we LOVE how they function as decor this way too.

Utilize your phone

For first time moms, you might remember every single monthly milestone photo….but if you’re on your second or third baby you might need a reminder. Add a calendar reminder to snap a photo.

Take lots of photos at once, it’ll make picking a good one easier! It doesn’t have to be fancy at all. 

Add your photo to your favorites or a separate album on your phone, this way when you’re ready to print your photos they’ll be easy to select and find.

We’ve even heard of moms that copy the monthly prompts to a Note in their phone to add to monthly so they can write them in their books later.

Don’t worry if the dates aren’t exact

If you take a monthly photo a little late, it is OKAY!

You’ll love looking back on your book no matter what. 

That’s it! We hope you find a book you love to cherish your darling moments for many years.

Read on for more memory book tips including: our favorite pens, where to print photos, and more.

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