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Getting Ahead: Back-to-School Preparation Tips for July

Getting Ahead: Back-to-School Preparation Tips for July

July may seem like the heart of summer vacation, but it's never too early to start preparing for the upcoming school year. By taking proactive steps in July, you can alleviate stress and ensure a smoother transition when the back-to-school season arrives. In this blog post, we'll explore essential back-to-school preparation tips to help you and your children start the new academic year on the right foot.

  1. Create a Calendar:

Start by creating a back-to-school calendar to keep track of important dates and deadlines - the first day of school, orientations, etc. Having a visual representation is so helpful for organization and and planning.

  1. Review and Update Paperwork:

Take time to review and update essential paperwork, such as emergency contact information, medical forms, and consent forms. Ensure that all documents are up to date and readily accessible. If your child requires specific accommodations or has any special needs, communicate with the school and relevant personnel in advance.

  1. Schedule Health Check-ups:

Schedule any necessary health check-ups for your child before the school year begins. This includes annual physical exams, dental visits, and eye exams. Address any health concerns or immunization requirements to ensure your child's well-being and compliance with school regulations.

  1. Evaluate and Shop for School Supplies:

Review the school's supply list, if available, and start gathering the required items. Take advantage of back-to-school sales and promotions to save money. Involve your child in the process to make it exciting and give them a sense of ownership over their supplies. Consider purchasing extra supplies to keep at home for homework or projects.

  1. Assess Clothing and Uniforms:

Take stock of your child's current wardrobe and determine what items they have outgrown or need to be replaced. If your child wears a uniform, ensure they have an adequate supply of clean and well-fitting uniforms. Plan and budget for any necessary clothing purchases to avoid last-minute rushes.

  1. Establish Routines and Sleep Schedules:

Ease the transition from relaxed summer schedules to the structure of the school year by gradually reintroducing routines and earlier bedtimes. Begin by incrementally adjusting sleep schedules and implementing consistent meal and bedtime routines. Encourage reading or engaging in educational activities to keep their minds sharp during the summer months.

  1. Set Goals and Discuss Expectations:

Take the opportunity to set goals with your child for the upcoming school year. Encourage them to think about what they want to achieve academically, socially, or extracurricularly. Discuss expectations regarding homework, study habits, and involvement in school activities. Empower your child to take ownership of their education and support them in their aspirations.

  1. Plan Transportation and Logistics:

If your child will be using school transportation or carpooling, ensure that arrangements are in place and communicate with the school or other parents if necessary. Familiarize yourself with bus routes and schedules if applicable. If your child will be walking or biking to school, review safety guidelines and plan the safest route.


By taking proactive steps in July, you can streamline the back-to-school process and set a positive tone for the upcoming academic year. From organizing calendars and paperwork to shopping for supplies and establishing routines, early preparation will help alleviate stress and ensure a smooth transition. Embrace the excitement of a fresh start and make the most of this valuable time to set your child up for success in the new school year.

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