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making darling moments

making darling moments

Friday, April 03, 2020

Mini Builders

I noticed the other day that the toys that get the most play in our house are - hands down - building toys. They're the best source of open-ended entertainment! Plus everyone likes to build...from the baby (who, I guess, is more into demolition) to grandparents. Our current favorites are wooden castle blocks and MagnaTiles, but I have my eye on some of these new sets! There's something endlessly fascinating about creating miniature worlds...

I love that this city includes landscape pieces.

The configurations are endless with this erasable chalk paint DIY!

This one reminds me of "It's a Small World" a good way ;)

I want these stamps so badly. Look at all of the brownstone detailing!

Doesn't get simpler than a washi tape city grid! I love this idea for rainy days.

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