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making darling moments

making darling moments

Monday, April 12, 2021

Tips for Reading with Kids

Do you read daily with your little ones? We all know there are so many benefits to creating a reader. Some of our favorite darling moments in our own homes come from reading with our kids too! 

Here are a few simple tips we’ve found helpful to keeping reading times fun and interesting, and engaging.

📚 Let them choose the book so they'll be excited about it!

📙 Face books out on shelves if you can so the cover is visible, not just the spine of the book. 

Book ledges are perfect for this.

📘 Swap out the books on your book ledges, or those in closest reach for your kids.

You can use books you already have or borrow from the library.

📖 Last, find a few books with flaps that are interactive.

Your little one will love finding what is under those flaps! 

Pictured books:

I Love The Mountains

If You Were Spaghetti 

More Lucy Darling books!



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