Easy Tips for Reading with Kids

Easy Tips for Reading with Kids

Do you read daily with your little ones? We all know there are so many benefits to creating a reader. Some of our favorite darling moments in our own homes come from reading with our kids too! 

Here are a few simple tips we’ve found helpful to keeping reading times fun and interesting, and engaging.

📚 Let them choose the book so they'll be excited about it!

📙 Face books out on shelves if you can so the cover is visible, not just the spine of the book. Book ledges are perfect for this.

📘 Swap out the books on your book ledges, or those in closest reach for your kids. Use books you already have or borrow from the library.

📖 Last, find a few books with flaps that are interactive. Your little one will love finding what is under those flaps! 

Pictured books:

I Love The Mountains

If You Were Spaghetti 

More Lucy Darling books!



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