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How To Introduce A Lovey To Your Little One: Tips from a Sleep Consultant

How To Introduce A Lovey To Your Little One: Tips from a Sleep Consultant

We are so thrilled to partner with Certified Sleep Consultant, Michele Wawerski of Peaceful Littles to bring you some tips on introducing a lovey to your little one's routine. They can be a huge help and we are so glad to have Michele's expert tips on the how, why, and when of introducing a lovey.


Most of us have a favorite pillow or blanket that we sleep with. This sleep item, or sleep association, brings us comfort and helps us relax. A sleep association is any action or object that when performed or present helps you fall asleep. Some examples of sleep associations for babies are loveys, sleep sacks, white noise and rocking. It can be very helpful to introduce a lovey to your little one for both night and nap sleep so they have a consistent reminder. You might find that once introduced, he or she will grab their lovey, start to yawn, and relax when it is time to rest.

Here are my top 3 tips to consider when introducing a lovey to your little one:

1. Wait Until It Is Age Appropriate

Per the American Academy of Pediatric (AAP) guidelines, it is important to only have a fitted sheet and sleep sack in your little one’s crib until they are 12 months old. This helps to reduce the risk of SIDS and ensures safe sleep. At 12 months old, it is safe to introduce a lovey or small blanket to your child to have in their crib.

2. Choose The Correct Size & Fabric

The next thing to consider when choosing a lovey, is one that is not too large. You do not want a full size blanket in your baby's crib, but instead a small square blanket/lovey. This is not only from a safety perspective, but also so your little can cuddle with it and hold it as they sleep. To help your little one feel cozy, I suggest choosing a soft & breathable fabric. The Lucy Darling Lovey’s are made with such a warm and cozy fabric that your baby will love to sleep with it.

 3. Hold During The Bedtime Routine

It is normal if at first your little one does not take to the lovey. What can be helpful is to start by sleeping with it in your bed for a few nights, so it smells like you. I would then suggest having it with you and your baby/toddler as you are going throughout their bedtime routine. Hold it close and snuggle with your child before putting them down in their crib. When you lay them down in the crib, lay it next to them. For the first few nights, you might notice your baby does not notice it is in the crib, but with consistency they will soon learn to grab it and cuddle as they fall asleep.

Thank you so much to Michele for these helpful tips! We hope your little one rests a little easier tonight. 

Find Michele on Instagram and at Peaceful Littles for more amazing sleep tips!

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