Our Go To Tips for Teething Babies

Our Go To Tips for Teething Babies

A few teething tips for parents looking for relief for their little ones. 

 A Darling Foot massage.

Studies in reflexology  identified connections between toes and the head and teeth.

Gently massage babies foot while focusing on the toes to provide some comfort.


Cool food.

Cold purees in the fridge prior to feeding can feel soothing and encourage baby to eat when they don’t feel so great. Even cool applesauce and yogurt is great for babies that prefer a softer texture.


Freeze a wet, muslin.  

Wring it dry, and place it in the freezer before giving it to baby. This will offer relief as baby gnaws on it.


Frozen Banana.

Freeze a whole banana for a sweet treat to soothe your little one’s gums.


Keep baby’s face dry.

Wiping the waterfalls of drool that comes with teething from your baby’s mouth, chin, and cheeks helps prevent skin irritation, which can add to baby’s discomfort during teething. 


Rotate Teethers in the freezer.

Give teethers a quick hand washing and rotate 1 or 2 between the freezer for some cool relief for baby. Our Teethers come in sets of 2.

A few crowd sourced tips:

Use. Dr. Browns refillable food pouch to fill with berries for gnawing.

Camilia drops. A homeopathic remedy that helps baby’s gums.


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