Rainbow Party in a Box

Rainbow Party in a Box

I was so excited to use one of our new products for my daughter's birthday party! She loves all things rainbow (she can spot them anywhere), so the Rainbow Party in a Box was obviously perfect for the occasion. I loved how quickly we were ready to host, just by unpacking the box!

First we hung up the cute birthday sign to make things festive. I happened to have some rainbow pompom garlands already, so I strung them all up together!

She loved that the cups, plates, and napkins all matched - and the two sizes of plates were great for our brunch, and then cake!

Her favorite piece was probably the cake topper! It brought a big punch of color to her requested chocolate-chocolate cake. :)

Of course, once the party was underway I forgot to take pictures. :) But it was a happy, colorful party for our little rainbow!


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