4 Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

4 Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings
Daylight Savings Time will be here soon! Here are just a few tips to help you and your little ones with sleep through the time change (*fingers crossed*). 

Four Ways to Help Kids Sleep During Daylight Savings

1.Gradually push back their sleep time by 15 minutes each night.
Most of us will be adjusting our clocks an hour ahead of time (for "Spring Forward"), which means if your little one wakes up at 7 a.m, that will feel like 6 a.m. after daylight savings. Each night, plan bedtime for 15 minutes later! 

Start 4 nights before the change, or even the week before to help adjust.

2. Make the space dark and cool.
If you haven’t gotten black out curtains, this will be a great investment. There are so many affordable options now and we love them for the smallest and biggest members of our family.

3. Don’t forget the white noise! 
This is likely not new to many of you, but it’s something we really cannot live without.

 4. Use a Blanket Lovey as a sleep cue
Even if your baby is not yet ready for a lovey in their crib, you can let them snuggle while you go through your bedtime routine so it becomes a sleep cue. A story time book, soft lovey, and snuggles with their grownups are all they need to let them know it’s time to sleep. 

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Read more tips from a Sleep Consultant: Tips for Early Morning Wakings & Introducing a Lovey

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