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Up, Up, and Away

I remember when the movie "Up" first came out: the hilarious characters, the amazing colors, the heartwarming love story, and above all, the idea that "adventure is out there!" And it ages well, girls love it! The warm summer months had me thinking that a subtle "Up" theme would make a lovely birthday party. No need to have a grandpa dress up as Carl - just some balloons, animals, and other touches to remind the kids to never stop exploring :).


Obviously this table setting is too formal for a kid's party, but I love the color scheme! The globes are obviously perfect for adventurers, and the big, vintage maps could be a good way to make a designated space for the party if you were hosting in a park or large yard.

Balloons are a must, of course. And I like how this single one looks like all of the balloons carrying the house!

I used these watercolors for a safari-themed baby shower one time - sadly the store no longer seems to have them. But Etsy is my favorite for things like this, especially since if a store is selling you a high-quality digital download, you can often print them off in large sizes for a big impact! Or, you could do multiples and use these as cute thank-you notes.

Favors can be scout badges, or any vintage pins!

And the cutest cake, just to top it all off.

Adventure is out there!

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