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making darling moments

making darling moments

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Hospital Bag Checklist!

posted in: How To - DIY, Inspiration

Hi Mama! We know that right before baby arrives there is always so much on the to-do list. We wanted to help ease some of the pre-baby stress by creating an all-encompassing hospital bag checklist for you and baby. This list has everything you will need for bringing your little nugget into the world. Enjoy Mama!


Download by saving to your computer or phone.  

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Patriotic Pallet Flag

posted in: How To - DIY

How is it almost July? While I can't believe the year is going so quickly, I appreciate that July gives us a holiday right off the bat - I kind of wish every month started that way! Luckily, here's a project that can keep you feeling festive for months.

While there are lots of styles of American flags made from wooden pallets, I wanted one that looked a little...less like a pallet. :) First, we cut the bottom off of a square pallet to make it rectangular like a flag. Then we pulled all of the horizontal boards off both pieces, and nailed them back on with just little spaces between them instead, to make it look more uniform. Then we used one more of the horizontal boards we had pulled off to "finish" the top, and give us a ledge to hang it up.

(This is the back side, so you can see the frame of it more clearly.)

(You could add a board at the bottom as well, but I found that it still hung straight with just the one at the top!)

Then the fun part: paint! You could get creative here and use different styles, but I went old-school and traditional (though I clearly didn't do all 50 stars :).  I love that this flag can stay up in all different weather, and makes our porch a little more festive!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Starry Night

posted in: How To - DIY

Our youngest, Livia, is currently in a teeny-tiny little nursery. She doesn't need anything bigger right now, but I do want it to look like a cozy little girl's room, instead of the office/huge closet it might have been before we moved in :). I've always loved the wallpapered ceiling in these two rooms:



Like I said, her room is tiny, and the walls aren't exactly square, so I wasn't confident about tackling a wallpaper project on the ceiling. I had stenciled a wall with the same style star in her big sister's room in another house, but my shoulders were aching just thinking of painting at that angle! So...I cheated. Big time.

I just used wall decals! I found some that were the right size on Amazon, and once they arrived, all I had to do was measure and mark where they'd go on the ceiling. You want to create an even spacing between all of them, and I found it easiest to work in rows to stay on track (even with the odd angles in the room). 

They're metallic and catch the light in a lovely way - Liv is always talking and pointing at them when I get her up in the morning now!

It was such a quick and easy addition to her little room - my favorite kind of makeover!


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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pot of Gold

posted in: How To - DIY

Maybe it's the fact that winter decided to come back for round two in our part of the country, but for this St. Patrick's Day all I want is a little spring green in my house! Luckily, I kept seeing these little shamrock plants when I was at the grocery store:

I also picked up some hydrangeas, and to make them even more festive, I decided to give the pot and vase a little upgrade. I taped off the part of the container that I wanted to keep as it was, and used some gold acrylic paint to gild the rest! It took two coats to make it opaque, and in less than a nap time (isn't that how everyone measures their time?), I had my new "pots of gold." 

 I especially love that, while festive for St. Patrick's Day, there's no reason not to use these year-round! 

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

DIY: Play Tent

posted in: How To - DIY

I'm SO excited to share this DIY with you all! It's definitely one of my favorite things I've ever made for my girls. I think you'll see why!


While I love the idea of those adorable play teepees, we simply don't have enough square footage for one. But I grew up loving all little cubbies and forts, so I wanted my kids to have some version of one as well...I just needed to find an apartment-friendly kind. This tutorial for an A-frame tent fit the bill! While it obviously takes up floor space when in use, it folds up completely flat and can be stored against the wall, behind a chair, etc. 


I had my husband get the frame of the tent ready following the measurements in the tutorial above (though learning how to use power tools is on my to-do list!). We originally made the tent for my daughter for Christmas, so on Christmas Eve I was running to the craft store and bought the most basic fabric I could find with the right yardage. It was simple, but she loved it! Here's the original:

Like I said, Mollie loved it...but after a few months the unfinished wood and fraying fabric started to get to me. So I decided to do a little makeover...maybe save yourself the extra project by doing this while you make the tent in the first place :).


First, I sanded the wood pieces to make sure the surface was smooth. Then I used these stain wipes. You guys, those things are a game-changer! It was so fast and tidy, with no real clean up. And it made a huge difference in making the tent look more polished:

Then I got some new fabric (I love everything Rifle Paper Co.) and made sure to leave some extra inches to make a hem this time, since the raw edge of the first tent frayed quickly. But since I didn't want to dig out my sewing machine, I just used this fabric tape on the underside of the fabric and folded a hem:

Then, I used the velcro shown above to put one side along the wood, and another along the fabric hem to make sure the fabric laid flat against the frame. 

And the end result was definitely a success!`

We'd love to see pictures if you make one too! I can promise many hours of happy play. :)




It obviously takes up floor space when in use, but when the girls aren't playing in it, it folds up completely flat against the wall. 

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