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making darling moments

making darling moments

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Quiet Time

As our kids get older, they're ready to drop their nap time, but still need some quiet time to rest and recharge (and so do I!). Since my oldest shares a room with her napping sister, I've had to find activities that she can do quietly without waking her sibling. These are some of our favorites!

Books are obviously the best quiet entertainment - and all of these are favorites with us :). 

This simple DIY loom has endless potential - we always have bits of ribbon laying around, and they can start over with it the next day!

Having nosy little siblings around sometimes makes it hard to do "school" games (they'd steal those tiles immediately!), so quiet time is a great window for activities like this!

Sensory toys like this are my secret weapon :). Often kids will reach for flashier things, but if they play with these for awhile, it can calm even the busiest kid! 


What are your favorite quiet time activities?


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Heidi says:

Yes, is there a new link to the build words game with bananagrams?
Thank you !

Jenny says:

I"m really interested in the build a word game idea above, but the link doesn’t appear to take me to a page with info for it. Thank you for your help

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