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Practice Makes Perfect

Do any of you have perfectionists on your hands? My two girls are so different in some ways. The second is generally more laidback, and doesn't take setbacks personally. She just laughs and moves on! The oldest, though, holds herself to such a high standard already! 
It has to be so daunting for a kid who wants to do everything right the first time...but who's only four :). I mean, at that age they're basically starting everything from scratch! I realized this when she was younger and we were starting to work on writing the alphabet, but first I tried to make her hold her pencil the "right" way. Being told that she was doing it wrong made her not want to try anything else new! 
Anyway, the image above caught my eye, and reminded me that one of the best ways to teach my kids not to be afraid of failure is to let them see me fail sometimes! It's amazing how quickly their approach to trying new things changes when they see me practicing handstands (and falling over) or trying a new recipe (and deciding extra icing can fix a mediocre cake ;). 
Do you have any tips for teaching kids new skills?

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