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Little Artist - Flower Crowns

Little Artist - Flower Crowns

We're so excited about these new party boxes! Each of box contains everything you will need to throw a beautiful, coordinated (and easy!) party for your little one. And each corresponds with one of your favorite memory books! While the party boxes take care of most of the party decor, we thought it'd be fun to round up some extra crafts, decorations, and snacks to go with the themes. Here's a twist on flower crowns for a little artist party!

It's sometimes tricky for little ones to keep those lovely wreaths on their heads, so I thought about using basic headbands instead! You can use any, but I found thin ones to be easiest with the floral tape. I also found some cute leaf washi tape to help everything stay together!

As for your flowers, you just have to make sure you don't get carried away by anything too huge :). I tried to pick out smaller blooms with flexible stems.

Then I cut each flower, leaving enough stem to attach it to the headband with the floral tape.

Then I marked where the flowers should start (you don't want any flowers tickling their ears and getting ripped off!), and used the floral tape to secure them. The floral tape is much stickier than the washi tape, so I used the washi tape to cover the headband itself, and then the floral tape to secure the flowers to the headband, and then went back and covered visible parts with the leafy washi tape! Alternate the flowers a bit side-to-side to help the crown look more full.

They all ended up so cute! And they didn't take long, so I think they could be made ahead of time for party favors, or as a craft during the party itself. The girls loved picking out their own flower combinations!

We added some leaves to this one, and I love how it looks!

As you can see, they couldn't stop at just one! :) 



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