Free Download! I Love the Mountains Coloring Sheets

We thought it would be fun to create some color pages from our book "I Love the Mountains." Do you remember this song from when you were little? It was one of my favorite songs that my parents would sing to me! 

Click on the image and save it directly to your computer to print.  


I know it can be a struggle trying to balance everything that is happening right now, but give yourself and your family some grace- a lot has changed in a very short amount of time. Everyone is adjusting. I know when I get frustrated at my kids or feel annoyed by the situation, I try to take a deep breath, change my attitude, and view this extra time with my family as a gift. WHEN I can do this (when is the keyword because it is HARD) joy and peace replace my frustration and annoyance.  

We are so grateful for you Mama- you got this! 

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