Holiday Twists

I'm all about tradition when it comes to the holidays...but sometimes I want to change things up just a little. Just enough to make the old decorations seem new again! If you agree, here are a few twists on holiday classics that I found:


Geometric, modern wreaths to break up all of the pine needles. And why don't we use more florals at Christmas?

Colorful bottlebrush treesinstead of the realistic green ones!

Instead of using cranberries just as fillers - make them the centerpiece in this amazing chandelier!

If you need a change from all of the twinkle lights, how about tiny bells?

Nutcrackers are classics...but they can also be kind of dated and cheesy. If you have one that needs a makeover, how about modern monochrome?


Do you have more ideas to refresh the classics? I'm excited to decorate again!

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