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DIY Beach Glass Mobile

DIY Beach Glass Mobile

This project came from a recent treasure hunt at the beach, and I thought it could be the perfect summer decor addition! First, you want to gather beach glass, a piece of driftwood, small hair elastics, and some fishing line.

I laid out my beach glass in the patterns I wanted next:

I tried all sorts of ways to connect the glass: hot glue, tons of knots, etc! But eventually I tried some small hair elastics I had on hand, and it was so much easier! Just loop them over the glass, from top to bottom. The you can tie your fishing line to the elastics, which grip much better! I added a second elastic around the fishing line for extra strength, and it's still not too obvious, since it's transparent.

Then I tied the line at the top to the driftwood, again putting elastics on top to make it more secure. I did this trick on the ends too, making a big loop in the middle to hang it from:

And then I just hung it from a hook in the ceiling! I love how the fishing line makes it look like it's floating by itself, and the beach glass is light enough that a breeze makes it dance and twirl around.  It'd be the perfect addition to a nautical nursery!

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