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Art Room

Remember the super-easy star ceiling DIY I showed you for our little nursery? Well, in the almost-year since then, the girls decided that they wanted to share a room. And since that usually means that I can sleep in for an extra 15 minutes while they happily chat with each other in bed in the morning, I was thrilled!


But what to do with our cute nursery? It'll be great for another baby someday, but in the meantime, I wanted to use it for the girls somehow. And when I found myself grumbling about clearing paints/markers/random papers off the dining table three times a day, I knew what I wanted: an art room. Somewhere where they could always go to create little masterpieces...or just little messes that wouldn't have to be cleared away before each meal ;). 


They've been using their art room for a few months now, and we all love it!

The key to an easy room makeover was usual :). I love this table and chairs set (accented by a little antique chair that I reupholstered) - the storage is built right in with the trays, so we didn't have to waste any of the (non-existent) floor space for storage! I picked up the container for colored pencils and crayons from Michaels one day, and it makes them much more likely to put things back when they're done.

The easel is also from IKEA, and we switch it from the chalkboard to dry-erase board side every few weeks to keep it interesting. The poof usually becomes seating for mama, or a stool to reach the map more easily :).

And the little faux-ivy and planter are from IKEA too - I love the green it adds to the room!

And our ABC print is of course from the Lucy Darling adds the perfect graphic/floral mix to the room.

It's always fun to repurpose spaces, and this one makes us all so happy!

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