Adventure Art

When I was younger, my family went on an epic trip out west. We went to a dozen national parks, broke up all the driving with big hikes, and had lots of time in the car to bond ;). Recently, I realized that we had all done different things with our souvenirs - I liked that they reflected our different styles, and thought it could give some inspiration for everyone else's adventure memorabilia!

I collected patches at each national park, and added them onto the canvas hiking backpack I'd brought on the trip. I remember ironing on each new patch as we got to the hotel room at night :). When I got home I sewed the edges down to reinforce them, and my brother likes to use this backpack still - 12 years later!

My sister collected pins instead of patches, and put cork inside a frame to display them. I love that she left open space to keep collecting!

My other sister collected these cool vintage postcards - they had this series in every national park gift shop. The matting shows off the retro colors, and I love how sleek it looks!


What's your favorite thing to do with souvenirs?

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