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Meet Chandra: Creator of Oh Lovely Day

Hi Mommas! I am so excited to share this blog with you! I had the opportunity to interview the amazing Chandra from the blog Oh Lovely Day, (if you don't already follow it, you DEFINITELY should), and she really opened up her life as a busy mom, blogger, inspiration seeker and part-time lawyer. I found her thoughts so intriguing and inspiring. I hope you do too!

Tell us about yourself.
   -Kids: 2, almost 3 boys: Charlie, 5; Calvin, 17 months; and one due anytime; married for 6 years to my high school sweetheart, who is the best partner ever (and also a pretty talented and handsome actor/writer, if I do say so myself...)
   -Free Time: what's that? :) 
   -Work: I used to practice criminal law (and still do on occasion) but right now I'm a work-from-home momma and blogger at Oh Lovely Day, a lifestyle blog that I started 6 years ago as a wedding blog and that has grown and changed into an "a little bit of everything" blog.
How do you balance your Life?! You're a blogger, part-time lawyer, full time do you do it??
I think balance is BS. It is much more of a juggle and it is definitely a challenge. I have a LOT of husband help-- more than most. But we have no family close by, I have no blog employees, no nanny, and rarely a sitter, so to say the two of us are overworked is an understatement. But it is so worth it and we make it work. 

How do you make time for yourself?
I'm not sure how I'm going to with three, but I'm sure it will happen eventually. With two, my husband and I take turns caring for Calvin while Charlie is in school and the other gets in a run (him) or a nap or pedicure (me). I often use my "free time" to go to the grocery store without a kid in tow or to get work done, and then my husband reminds me that I need to take that time for me. And sometimes I just say "you've got dinner duty -- I need a hot bath!" and disappear for 45 minutes.
Calvin's Nursery
How do you stay organized?
Ah, this is a hard one. I used to be so type-A and super organized. Now I am a hot mess on a good day. I think you just have to figure out a system that works for you somehow, and I'm still figuring it out myself (my calendar, notes, and inbox on my iPhone are what keep me somewhat organized). I make a lot of lists. And I let the rest go.
How do you stay inspired?
I think Instagram is my go-to for inspiration. As a busy mom, I am not able to be online as much as I'd like, especially on my computer. I rarely read my favorite blogs anymore, my pinning has slowed to a standstill. But I can go on instagram on my phone when I have a few extra minutes and get inspired and pop over to some of my favorite blogs from there quickly. Also, I look for inspiration wherever I am: on a walk with my boys, at the Farmers Market, in the sky. And I haven't been able to do it in a while since I am super pregnant, but I always feel inspired and refreshed after a good hike.  
What's your favorite part of being a blogger?
I love being able to do something creative and something that I love, while also being able to be my own boss and stay home with my boys. It isn't the most financially rewarding and sometimes it ends up being more work than if I just went to an office and had a day job, but it has afforded me time with my family which is priceless. I don't have to ask whether I can take a vacation, or have the afternoon off to read to my son's class at school. And I've met so many wonderful and creative people, made friends I never would have, and feel like I've become a part of an amazing creative community. I especially love connecting with other creative momma entrepreneurs, and enjoy being able to use the platform I've built in my blog and social media following in supporting those mothers, creatives, and brands that I love.
What do you love most about being a mom?
It is really hard to put it into words, but as hard and frustrating as being a mom can be some days, there is nothing like the love. The love you have for your kids, and the love you feel from them. Maybe it is because I have boys, but I can see when they look at me how amazing and magical they think I am. I know that there are these little people who need and love me more than anything and that I have the honor of raising and caring for them and making them into their best selves and good humans. There's nothing better, even on the hardest of days. Oh, and the cuddles.
Living Room
Any advice for new moms?
Just know that whatever you are going through, someone else has, is, or will be going through it too. You aren't alone. Try to ask for help when you need it, say no to things without feeling guilty, and try to find a support system. If you don't have local mom friends with kids the same age as yours, join something like Mom's Club (it's a real thing and it saved my life!) so that you can meet other moms. My mom friends are my lifeline.
You can find lots more mom tips, un-sugar coated posts, and other fun stuff on my blog Oh Lovely Day and in my instagram feed. And if you have tips on mothering three kids, especially three boys, I'd love to hear!
Attached Photos: 
Family photo (you can find our whole shoot here, photo by Jennifer Roper)
Work Space photo (you can find my whole shared art room/office space here)
Living room space photo (where, let's face it, I do most of my blogging) by Hazelnut Photo and a full post can be found here
Nursery photo (you can find our whole shoot here, photo by Jennifer Roper)

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Gerry Bryant

So proud of my daughter!! She is amazing!!!

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